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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Review: PHYTO Phyto 9 Ultra-Dry Hair Nourishing Day Cream

Where can I buy this?

How much does it cost?
This product retails for $28. You can buy at on Amazon for between $10-25 depending on seller and size.

Ingredients - This product contains lots of plant extracts/oils. 
Texture -  This hair cream is very lightweight and thin consistency. Its not oily at all and is great for those with finer hair looking for a hair cream.

Price point for this product is rather up there, however I've been on the same tube for the last year, so it ends up definitely being worthwhile and not too expensive.

So what's the verdict? Do you like it?
I love this product. Its great for taming fly-aways, calming frizz, and making your hair much softer and. I have fine hair and found this great for making my hair softer, frizz free, and healthier looking. 

One thing that isn't necessarily a negative attribute but I find important to share is that this isn't really a product meant to heal your hair and make it stronger. While it does detangle your hair, reduce frizz and make it more manageable, I haven't really notices any long term healing benefits to my hair from this. Nonetheless, I love this as a detangled and frizz and fly-away tamer!

Pick this up and try it for yourself. Let me know what you think if you've previously used this product! :)

Check out my review on my YouTube channel!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Face of the Day - Rosy Eyes and Bold Red Lips

Hello my dears! It has been a long while since I've actually written up a blog post but I am getting back into it and wanted to start with something simple and sweet, my first face of the day, aka FOTD! I loved how this look ended up coming together and thought I'd share it with you all.

Lid - I used a shimmery light pink color all over the lid. I used one from a LORAC baked eyeshadow trio, but you can find similar colors by pretty much any brand! The light pink looks lovely with the blue-toned red lips.
Inner corners - I used nude, a very light shimmery pink, in my inner corners with a bit of white (matte white) blended in.
Brow bone - On my brow bone, I used cream which is a matte flesh toned color.
Crease - In my crease, I used just a bit of taupe. To make sure I didn't darken the crease too much, I only used this on the outer half of my crease.
Outer crease - In my outer crease, I added a bit of mauve.
Outer corner - I used sable again from LORAC PRO in the outer corner of my eyes then lined and blended out espresso which is a matte dark brown.
Mascara - I am wearing my favorite mascara, the YSL Shocking Mascara in Deep Black.

Foundation - For my base, I am wearing the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Serum which is an incredible foundation! Since it isn't available in the US, I purchased it on Ebay and am very happy with the seller I purchased from (link above). I am wearing it in shade Light Vanilla. Full review of this product coming soon.
Concealer - I am wearing the Clinique Airbrush Concealer in Fair under my eyes. This is an incredible product and the only under eye concealer that I've liked. It is super lightweight and does not cake up at all. I don't really need coverage under my eyes, just a bit of brightness and this does EACTLY that!
Powder - I am wearing my favorite powder, the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light which is a lovely pale yellow-toned shade. It provides a beautiful diffused glow and never ever EVER cakes up or looks powdery on the skin.
Cheeks - On my cheeks, I am wearing Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Exposed.

Prep - I prepped my lips by using some sugar and honey to exfoliate then I used a good lip balm and let it soak in while I did the rest of my make up. This is essential is you are going to be wearing a matte lip or any other drying lip.
Lips - On my lips, I am wearing the Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Icon. This is definitely the statement of the look! Once applied, these lipsticks dry down to a completely matte and dry to-the-thouch finish. Perfect for a party, a night out, or a bold lip that'll last you all through the day.

I balanced the matte lips with a shimmery shade on my eyelids but kept it subdued by using matte colors in the crease. I often love wearing red lips with bare eyes (except for mascara) but I loved this combination.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

DIY Fashion and Accessories: How to Make a Clutch

Hi guys! I hope you have been well. Last year, my mom set her mind to make made a felted clutch. She made the body of the clutch, but never finished it. I decided to film our process of decorating/making our felted clutch and show you guys how we did it.

Felted bag:
My mom used wool to knit a bag about 3 times the size she actually wanted it (because wool shrinks). Once complete, she washed the bag in hot water with a tiny bit of laundry detergent. The soap and hot water agitate the wool which causes it to turn into what we call "felt." Now this takes a lot of time and material, so you could totally take the easy way out and just buy some felt. Just make sure its not the super cheap kind, you don't want this to look like your 6th grade felt Christmas tree project (anyone?). There are countless DIY videos on YouTube for making felt clutches, so you are sure to find one you like.

Things you'll need:
A naked clutch
Decorative jewels, beads, pendants, anything to decorate your bag with
Chain/handle for clutch
Flat nosed pliers and/or round nosed pliers
Lining material
Needle and matching thread
Cutting board
Thick piece of cardboard
X acto knife
Sewing macine

Step one:
Start off by cutting a piece of cardboard to fit inside your bag in order to make it taut. We were in a hurry and only had cardboard on hand, but I recommend using an actual fabric/bag stabilizer which you can find at a store like Joann's, or anywhere fabrics and sewing materials are sold. Check out this website for a detailed explanation of different types of bag stabilizers. There are even ones with sticky backs or iron ons which makes it that much easier!

Step two:
Now you need to measure out your lining. The lining should fit nicely in the bag. Lining will make sure that your bag is really elegant. Without it, the inside of your bag will not look clean and professional. This is a wonderfully easy video on making a zippered pouch with lining.

Step three:
Now that you have your lining measured out, you can sew the edges to make sure that they don't fray. After we sewed the edges, we chose to sew the lining onto the bag by hand to make sure the stitches couldn't be seen. This will vary depending on what type of bag you have.

We made a cool pattern on the lining of the opening flap of our clutch. If you'd like to see how we did it, the first 4 minutes of this video show you how to make these same pleats!

Step four:
Pet your puppy. Or kitty. Or child. Or lover. Have none of these? Give yourself a nice big pat on the back, you deserve it ol' pal!

Step five:
Now for the fun part! This is where you get to decorating. Since our clutch had a long and slim figure, I chose to place my square pendants horizontally across the bottom of the flap. I liked how this elongated the bag. Have fun with this part! This is where your personality and creativity comes out. Use beads, jewels, fabrics, anything! We used our round nosed pliers to add little jump rings to the pendants, then we used our flat nosed pliers to secure the jump rings. We then sewed the jump rings onto the felt bag in the positions we wanted them in.

Step six:
This is where you'll add the handle/strap to your clutch (if you'd like one). We used an old necklace and sewed it onto the two ends of our clutch. We wanted this to be evening appropriate which is why we kept to the golds and silvers, giving it a classy look with a bit of edge. You can make this super casual by using different materials (like graphic cotton prints or leather) and adding a wooden handle to the bag.

I hope you all enjoyed this video and walkthrough/tutorial/DIY. I will definitely be back with more of these. This was my first go at a DIY accessory project so please bear with me. Thanks for reading, make sure to watch the video on my YouTube channel!
Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Review: TRESemmé Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner

Where can I buy this?
CVS Pharmacy

How much does it cost?
Ranges between 6-10 depending on where you purchase it.

Price - Definitely a great price. Unbeatable.
Ingredients - This product is silicone free, sulfate free, and paraben free. It is very difficult to find silicone free conditioners, especially in this price range! This product also contained aloe vera and avocado oil (both organic) to nourish and moisturize your hair.
Texture - This product has a thinner consistency than most conditioners. It isn't so thin that its runny, but its thin enough that it coats the hair easily without having to rub it in. 
Scent - This conditioner smells great, like other TRESemm√© products. It leaves a nice fragrance on your hair that isn't overpowering.

I've been using this product for about a month now and I have no complaints. The product is a bit thin, but you can pop in a pump and it would be solved.

So what's the verdict? Do you like it?
I really really really like this conditioner! It makes my hair feel soft without weighing it down or making it greasy or oily. It doesn't leave a residue on my hair either. Its a wonderful conditioner that leaves my hair feeling hydrated. It is also great for color treated hair (as my own) and does not strip color.

Pick this up and try it for yourself. Let me know what you think :)

Check out my review on my YouTube channel!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Review: Lush Let The Good Times Roll Cleanser

Where can I buy this?
Lush stores
Lush online

How much does it cost?
3.5oz - $12.95
8.8oz - $28.95
Price - At first, I wasn't really digging the price of this stuff, however now that I think of it, 3.5 ounces for a facial scrub with pretty decent ingredients is pretty good.
Ingredients - This product has few ingredients. It contains corn flour, corn oil, glycerine, talc, water, and cinnamon. Talc can sometimes be irritating to the skin, however I have not had any adverse affects from using this product. It honestly doesn't have fantastic ingredients, but its a basic face scrub and for that, they are suitable.
Texture - As a facial cleanser, the texture of this product is way too harsh. In my opinion, using this nightly would irritate the skin, which is why I use this product as a facial scrub. For a scrub, this is the perfect texture. When the product is applied to wet skin, it becomes a sort of a paste and it rinses off very easily.
Scent - OH. MY. GOD. This product smells absolutely amazing. It smells like incredible caramel deliciousness. Which is the main reason I bought this.

As a cleanser, this product is too gritty. I also feel like I am going through it very quickly which isn't so great (means I'll have to buy more soon!). I've had it for about a month or so, and I'm half way through it. The employee at Lush told me that this is a seasonal product, so get it before its gone!

So what's the verdict? Do you like it?
I really do like this product. I absolutely adore the scent and the product actually works really well. When I first purchased this, I used it morning and night as a cleanser. It wasn't too harsh on my skin, but I prefer to use it as a facial scrub 2-3 times a week. Because of the oil and glycerine in this, it leaves my skin adequately moisturized which is a big plus. If you are a fan of the salted caramel popcorn scent of this product, you'll be happy to know that it lingers on your skin/hands after using it! I also really enjoy this :) This cleanser has not broken me out, in fact, I feel that when I use it, it clears my skin up without being harsh. I definitely recommend trying this at the Lush store and picking it up for yourself! I'm usually not a huge fan of Lush cleansers but this is definitely a keeper! I plan to buy a few backups and freeze them before the season is over!

Have you used this product? Do you love the scent as much as I do?!
Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How Not to Get Bit by a Mosquito

So...this may come off as a little bit obvious, but that's because it is.

However, if you are someone like me who refuses to adequately protect themselves, then this is a reiteration for you.
  • Prevent:
    • Cover exposed skin
      • Obviously you don't need to cover yourself from head to toe, however if you happen to be going out during dusk when mosquitoes are having a big party, then you might want to wear long pants rather than your short-shorts.
      • If you are in a location where daytime mosquitoes are especially prevalent but its too hot to wear long sleeved clothing, than take a big scarf with you that you can cover your torso with at the least
    • Use a natural insect repellant.
    • Turn on a fan
      • If you are indoors but have mosquitoes inside, turn on a fan. Mosquitoes are horrible fliers and can not fly against the speed of a fan.
    • Use a mosquito net
      • This mostly applies if you're traveling where mosquitoes are prevalent and need protection from them at nighttime. Look for an accommodation that has mosquito nets for their beds, you will be happy you did!
  • Treat:
    • Wash the bite
      • Washing the site of the bite as soon as you get it seems to help a bit.
      • Now...this is extremely hard, because it feels so darn incredible to scratch a mosquito bite! But you will regret it later! I have a bad allergic reaction to mosquito bites where they swell up to a ridiculous size. However if I scratch it, it gets exponentially worse. Bottom line, don't scratch it.
    • Heat
      • Treating the bite with heat does some sciency stuff in your body and calms the itch. (P.S. 'Sciency' is in fact the appropriate term)
    • Cold
      • Placing an ice cube on the bite also helps calm the itch. I'm not sure if the hot or cold  is better, but they both work!
    • Balsam
      • Rubbing something like Tiger Balm onto the bite also helps calm the itch.
So I hope my obvious tips are useful to you. Keep in mind that I am NOT trained in preventing mosquito bites or treating them. All of the above is from my own personal experience and I cannot be held accountable for any bites acquired while using my tips above.

How to Deal With Creative Energy

I hear a song, I watch a video, I see a piece of art, I read, I am inspired...yet I don't know how to deal with it.

I want to explore all areas of artistic creativity. I want to shine through my creativity yet there is something blocking me from actually putting this creative energy to use.

What do you do with your creative energy? Where does inspiration take you? What inspires you?

I am currently drinking an amazing iced latte. In Bali. This is inspirational to me. I am on a beautiful island in the culturally rich city of Ubud drinking a drink that I didn't know could be so delicious. With my creative energy right now, I chose to write this post in hopes that it would (or rather will) lead to further accounts of using my creative energy.

Its sort of like a puppy who has way too much pent-up energy with no outlet, no means of releasing it. So the puppy takes chews up your favorite pair of shoes, maybe your vintage leather couch, or your $200 purse. But if you take that puppy out, run around with him, play with him, he will release that energy in a constructive manner with no harm done.

This is what I feel my energy is. It needs to be released in some constructive manner. My fault arises when I find myself constantly seeking that 'constructive outlet'...

Sometimes I write, sometimes I draw, sometimes I exercise. But I find myself trying to do these things perfectly (as if there is a perfect) rather than simply doing them to the best of my abilities. For instance, I picture in my mind a beautiful drawing, but the moment my pencil touches the paper, I become disappointed because my fingers cannot draw what my mind imagines. I feel disappointed in myself for not being able to keep my artistic skill up to par with my minds eye.

Every so often I envision a really nice piece of jewelry and I open up my kit, put on some music and get to making it. I spend hours trying to make the physical rendition of my minds creation. Sometimes it ends up being pretty great, however about 70% of the time, I get angry and impatient with the results and just feel like my time was wasted with no end result.

Do you experience anything like this? What do you do about it? How do you use your time and creative energy efficiently?