Why Do I Wear Makeup?

Hello my dears! I loved the idea for this tag and thought it would be a nice way to share my reasons for wearing makeup. I came across this tag on The Beauty Milk which I definitely recommend you check out!

1.  When did you start wearing makeup?
I remember stealing my mom's makeup all throughout my childhood, most memorably powder. In elementary school, I took a very light shade of powder from my mom and piled it on in the girls bathroom. I piled on so much powder that my face had a horrible white cast; on our way home, my best friends mom noticed and I was SO embarrassed! In the 8th grade, I started wearing eyeliner, AKA raccoon eyeliner. That was really the start of me actually wearing makeup.

How attractive is this?

2.  What was the first makeup product you bought that you loved?
The first makeup products that I purchased with my own money were Nars Orgasm Blush and the Stila Baked Eyeshadow Trio in Rose Gold. At the time I was 16 years old and didn't really know anything about either brand but I was attracted to the products and I adored them. I still use and love these products!

3.  What is your most used eyeshadow?
My most used eyeshadow/shade is the burgundy brown from the Stila Baked Eyeshadow Trio in Rose Gold.

4.  When did you begin loving makeup?
I began loving makeup when the Sephora store opened up in the mall I go to. At 15, my best friend and I couldn't find a better place to spend our time. We would be there for hours just trying on makeup and never buying anything (we still do this!) When I bought my Nars blush and Stila eyeshadow, I really fell in love <3

5.  How do you feel without makeup?
I love being without makeup just as much as I love wearing makeup. I honestly thoroughly enjoy cleansing my skin of any makeup and letting it breathe. I love my bare skin and how I look without makeup. For me, wearing makeup is not about covering anything up, therefore not wearing it doesn't make me feel uncomfortable or self conscious. Check back in the next few days for a more detailed post on this :)

6. What do you like about makeup?
I am an artist. I love to draw, paint, photograph, create. Makeup is a way to display all of that directly on me! The more I use and learn about makeup, the more I realize how much of an art form it is. I may sound cheesy, and I may sound like I'm giving excuses to validate wearing makeup, but I'm honestly not. I love that makeup can make me look like a rockstar one day and a lady the next. It can completely transform a person or it can simply accentuate their features. I approach makeup the same way as I do photography: when I take a photograph, I don't try to completely change my subject, I simply try to accentuate its beauty.

7.  Three holy grail items:
Blush: I adore blush. If I could have one makeup product, it would probably be a blush. I am very fair and have no natural flush so even a hint of rosiness adds life to my complexion. My favorite blush is the Tarte Cheek Stain in Blissful.
Lipstick: I wasn't always a huge fan of lipstick as I felt it made me look like an old lady, but boy was I wrong! I have grown to love lipstick. It is such a feminine luxury item and it is the epitome of makeup in my opinion. My most recent favorite is the Revlon lipstick in Black Cherry.
I don't really have a third...so I'm going to mention a makeup remover which is of course my favorite of all time, jojoba oil.

8.  Why do you wear makeup?
I wear makeup because I love it! I love how I look naturally, but I love creating new looks and highlighting different features. As I mentioned, makeup for me is an art form and another way to express myself. I don't wear makeup because I want to hide my features or cover something up. The process of applying makeup is enjoyable in the way that painting is. To some of you, it may seem weird to compare makeup to painting, however it truly is a similar medium [depending on your outlook].

9.  Any misconceptions about makeup that really bother you?
I really dislike that many people view makeup ONLY as a way to cover up imperfections. My imperfections are what make me human and a few red spots on my face wont change me as a person. I also dislike that some people think others wear makeup because they don't like the way they look. Wearing makeup doesn't automatically mean that a person dislikes their natural features.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. I think that its a great way to tell you guys a bit about my views on wearing makeup. If any particular question stands out to you, please leave me a comment with your answer for it!


  1. I enjoyed reading this tag and I'm glad you decided to do it!
    I had forgotten about what you mentioned (how some people think wearing makeup means you don't like how you look). It's sad some people think this way. I remember when I was a junior in high school a friend of mine (who always wore a full face of makeup to school) got questioned in front of the whole class by a teacher. The teacher asked her if she didn't think she was pretty and if that was why she always wore makeup. :/ Totally unnecessary especially in front of everyone during high school when teens are quite self conscious.

    Sorry for the long rant! xxx

    1. No need to be sorry! I completely agree with you, it is unfair to call someone out like that. Many young girls have little confidence and its wrong to call someone out on it as it only adds to the stress.

  2. Wow, one of your first products was NARS Orgasm and Stila? That's cool that you started out relatively high end! I didn't buy anything NARS until this year in my 20s :p

    1. Well those were the first products I bought with my own money from my part-time high school job. Until then, I used drugstore liquid liners and eyeliner pencils as well as powder compacts, however my mom usually bought those for me or it was with my allowance!;D So to me, those two products kind of count as my first :)