How Not to Get Bit by a Mosquito

So...this may come off as a little bit obvious, but that's because it is.

However, if you are someone like me who refuses to adequately protect themselves, then this is a reiteration for you.
  • Prevent:
    • Cover exposed skin
      • Obviously you don't need to cover yourself from head to toe, however if you happen to be going out during dusk when mosquitoes are having a big party, then you might want to wear long pants rather than your short-shorts.
      • If you are in a location where daytime mosquitoes are especially prevalent but its too hot to wear long sleeved clothing, than take a big scarf with you that you can cover your torso with at the least
    • Use a natural insect repellant.
    • Turn on a fan
      • If you are indoors but have mosquitoes inside, turn on a fan. Mosquitoes are horrible fliers and can not fly against the speed of a fan.
    • Use a mosquito net
      • This mostly applies if you're traveling where mosquitoes are prevalent and need protection from them at nighttime. Look for an accommodation that has mosquito nets for their beds, you will be happy you did!
  • Treat:
    • Wash the bite
      • Washing the site of the bite as soon as you get it seems to help a bit.
      • Now...this is extremely hard, because it feels so darn incredible to scratch a mosquito bite! But you will regret it later! I have a bad allergic reaction to mosquito bites where they swell up to a ridiculous size. However if I scratch it, it gets exponentially worse. Bottom line, don't scratch it.
    • Heat
      • Treating the bite with heat does some sciency stuff in your body and calms the itch. (P.S. 'Sciency' is in fact the appropriate term)
    • Cold
      • Placing an ice cube on the bite also helps calm the itch. I'm not sure if the hot or cold  is better, but they both work!
    • Balsam
      • Rubbing something like Tiger Balm onto the bite also helps calm the itch.
So I hope my obvious tips are useful to you. Keep in mind that I am NOT trained in preventing mosquito bites or treating them. All of the above is from my own personal experience and I cannot be held accountable for any bites acquired while using my tips above.

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