Review: Badger Anti-Bug Balm and Anti-Bug Shake and Spray

Hello everyone! I am currently in Bali which if you are unfamiliar is a tropical island located in Indonesia. As with most humid tropical regions, mosquitos are very common which means I get bit like crazy! For some reason...mosquitoes REALLY like to suck my blood; my boyfriend has been bit only a handful of times in our 5 weeks here while I've been bit 30 times, at least! Prior to coming to Bali, I made sure to purchase bug repellent. I didn't want DEET or any other strong chemical repellant so I visited Whole Foods Market and asked about an effective mosquito repellent, this is what I was recommended. I purchased the spray and the balm and have found myself using both throughout my stay here.

Where can I buy this?
Badger Balm Website
Whole Foods Market
Local health food stores

How much does it cost?
Balm - This product retails for about $10 USD.
Spray - This product retails for around $12 USD.

Price and effectiveness - I think that both of these products are a great price and they both last a long period of time. I have been using them interchangeably and sharing with friends for the past 5 weeks and I have half of each product still remaining. I am also very happy with the effectiveness of this product. Works great to repel mosquitos! I do prefer the balm as it stays on my skin longer and doesn't require a frequent reapplication.
Ingredients - The balm contains a combination of castor oil, extras virgin olive oil, and beeswax as the base which I absolutely love because it is essentially a rich moisturizing balm for my skin. It then has citronella, lemongrass, cedar, and geranium essential oils which have been used for ages as natural insect repellents. If you have sensitive skin, I recommend doing a patch test as essential oils can sometimes be too strong for some people. For me however, they have been no problem :) The spray has a base of water, soybean oil, castor oil, and a few different essential oils all with the same idea as the balm. All of the ingredients in both spray and balm are organic.
Texture - The texture of the balm is similar to that of your typical beeswax lip balm and it becomes more malleable after the first few uses. The balm absorbs quite a bit into your skin however you can still feel a bit of residue even several hours later; I actually like this because it means I don't have to reapply too often. The spray on the other hand is almost like a dry oil. It is a mixture of water and oil so you have to shake it up before use. To me, the spray feels more oily than the balm. 
Scent - If you are familiar with citronella, that is what this smells like. It is a strong scent but definitely not as strong as straight up citronella essential oil. I don't especially love citronella scent but I love how this smells!

I honestly can not think of any!

So what's the verdict? Do you like it?
I definitely love these products and recommend them. Back in the States, I don't get bit often by mosquitos however I'm already planning on buying more of this balm because I love it so much! Its sort of been my travel moisturizer because of the awesome ingredients. As an added benefit, it also gives my skin a really beautiful sheen which is great! I find myself reaching for the balm more so than the spray but the spray is great for quick and less messy application.

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