Exercise? Blogilates!

Welcome one and all to the incredible world of...blogilates?

I was as surprised as you to hear this term. Blog + pilates. I initially heard about this from a blogger who I follow however I didn't seem too interested in it. That was about four months ago. About 3weeks ago, I came to Bali, Indonesia for volunteer work and my two roommates and I became interested in doing daily workouts. Blogilates suddenly popped up in my brain and I looked it up and was very much motivated! I kept seeing photos of all these different girls before and after photos, and their transformation inspired me. For me it isn't about losing weight, it is about having a healthy and fit lifestyle. I have always eaten pretty healthy but have never involved exercise into my lifestyle. Last year I was a member at a gym and tried to go a few times a week but didn't enjoy it too much. I have also taken yoga for short periods of tie but didn't find a convenient place in my schedule for it. I love the idea of working out in the comfort of my own home and I had tried online video workouts before and definitely liked the idea of it. What makes this blogilates thing different from say, video workouts that you purchase is that this one is interactive and there is a community of people who are all trying to get fit and toned using these same videos you are. This means that when I see before and after pictures of girls my age that make me go "Wow! You go girl!" I know they are getting this progress through the same videos that I can access. So for me, this is about getting fit, being toned, and getting my body at its best. I'm 22, so what better time than now?

The best part? Its free.

Today was my 3rd day doing blogilates and it feels amazing! I abs have been so sore and it feels great because I know its working. On the blogilates website, you can find a new calendar for each month. Although July is over, I started my June calendar late so I'm continuing with it. I find these calendars to be more of a guide than a strict routine. Over the past few days, I have watched many of Cassey's videos, so when it comes time for a workout, I pick a warmup routine, then one of her longer videos for  a more total body workout (20 min.) and then I'll pick my target for that day, thighs and butt, inner thighs, abs, etc. I'll keep a record of all my workouts and update weekly on my progress.

I want to sare my journey doing blogilates with you! And I hope some of you will join me on this. If not, let me know what you do to stay fit and get toned! I am so excited and I hope you join!

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