Try It Out Tuesday: Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser

Where can I buy this?
Sephora (online and in store)
Amazon (for some reason its twice the price so I don't recommend purchasing from Amazon)

How much does it cost?

Price - Although not as cheap as drugstore cleansers, this product is not too expensive. For a natural product free of preservatives, the price is reasonable.  
Ingredients - This is a non-GMO product that is also gluten-free, cool! It doesn't contain preservatives which is awesome in my book, one less thing to worry about. It also has charcoal in it which draws out impurities from the skin and helps to detoxify.
Size - This is a 5 fl. oz. cleanser which is quite a lot. One pump is the perfect amount to cleanse my skin and I see this lasting me several months.
Packaging - I love the sleek black packaging with the pump. It keeps everything clean and gives the perfect amount of product to wash your face with.
Scent- I love the herbal and hint of floral scent that this product has

At this point, I have no negatives about this product! Some people might dislike the fact that it doesn't lather well, however lather is not a sign of a good cleanser and it in no way makes a cleanser do a better job; so for me this is not an issue but some may not like it. I do want to add that when using this with the Clarisonic, it is a little difficult because there is minimal lather however I just make sure to work it well into my skin.

So what's the verdict? Do you like it?
I really love this product so far! It doesn't strip my skin of oil, it just cleanses it. I have to keep using it for a few weeks to see a difference in skin brightness and the detox effect but so far I am loving it! I will do an update in a month to let you all know if I'm still sticking to it :)

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