Follow Up on Daily Goals

Dealing with work and school has kept me from following up on my goals thus far, however I am here today doing just that! So I did a blog post on my Personal Daily Goals a short while ago and I am happy to say I completed them! A good friend told me that instead of making daily goals, she makes weekly goals. I thought about this and decided to give this a try because it gives a little bit of leeway. so far, this has been helpful for me. I feel more accomplished because I am getting things done. Although they might be small goals, it still feels great to be able to complete them. I usually give myself a million things to do and basically set myself up for failure. I forget that I'm not Superwoman. I forget that there are only 24 hours in a day.

This was just a short follow up to let you know that so far, I am doing pretty well with my goals. How are you coming along? Has your method of setting goals been working for you thus far?

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