Quick Fix for Dry Lips

Hi everyone! You may recall my All About Lips post which gave a bunch of tips on how to take care of your lips especially during Winter. If you haven't seen it, I definitely recommend watching that video and reading that post. Today, I want to sort of revisit the topic of lips...

Over the last few days, my lips decided to turn into scales. I of course decided "SCRUB SCRUB SCRUB" so I ran to my kitchen (yes...ran), smeared some honey on my lips, whipped out the raw sugar, and went to town.

But...it didn't work!

I realized that the skin on my lips was not dead skin, it was just severely dehydrated. So I basically made it worse by trying to rub away at not-dead skin. If you are NOT interested as to why my lips were so darn dry, then skip over the green.
  1. I had been drinking very little water. Not only does water keep you hydrated internally, but your lips literally absorb the moisture as the water touches the skin.
  2. I had tried on about 6 shades of lipstick which took quite an effort to remove. (BAD idea guys!)
  3. My nose was a bit stuffy, therefore I was breathing through my mouth while sleeping which in turn caused my lips to be even more dry!
So what's the point of this post?

To tell you not to wreck havoc on your poor lips. Take it slow. Don't add any more stress onto your lips. What I found most helpful was putting honey on my lips for a few minutes then (of course) eating it. The honey really penetrates deep into your skin and helps in the healing process. Don't overdo the lip balm. Wondering why? Read my previous post and watch the video! Leave the lip balm for night time and make sure to drink lots of water!

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