Good ol' Vitamin D

I've Got Sunshine ~

Hello my dears! I wanted to talk to you all about getting some sun! Most of us are so concerned with protecting ourselves from the sun that we don't actually know about the benefits of the sun. As with other vitamins, we need the "sunshine vitamin," aka Vitamin D. Now although humans can obtain vitamin D in a few different ways, I am going to focus on the easiest and most efficient way (in my opinion). When exposed to sunlight for an adequate amount of time, our skin produces vitamin D3. Vitamin D is beneficial to our body in all sorts of ways (I'll attach a few articles that highlight some key points so check them out!). The one thing I am going to mention is that vitamin D allows for better absorption of calcium which is essential in our body. 

Vitamin D is obtained most easily from the sun so do yourself a favor and go out in the sun for a bit every day :) Now the tricky thing is sunscreen. Sunscreen blocks ultraviolet rays which in turn don't allow our bodies to synthesize Vitamin D. I'm not telling you not to wear sunscreen when you're getting cooked under the sun at the beach; but when you're taking a short walk on a fairly sunny day, take off your jacket, wear shorts, let your skin see the light! It'll thank you for it :)

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