Quick Tip For Healthier Hair

Right before you sleep, complete these few steps to promote healthier hair!

1. Take a hairbrush (preferably a wooden bristled one) and brush your hair from roots down. Flip your hair over and brush in all directions. Brush in directions you usually wouldn't, and avoid brushing only from your part down. This step aids in stimulating the scalp and promoting blood flow. By brushing in all directions, you also keep your hair from thinning at the part. Don't overbrush!

2. Massage your scalp for a few minutes. With just your bare fingertips, massage your scalp (starting in the top center) in small circular motions. Make sure to massage all over your scalp. This promotes blood flow to the scalp, thus increasing the nutrient intake of our hair follicles.

By adding these two steps into your nighttime routine, you should see an overall improvement in the quality of your hair. Just don't forget that it will take time!

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