Weird Remedies
Today we are talking about weird remedies passed down from your parents, grandparents, et al. The great part about these remedies is that they usually contain ingredients that are completely natural and safe for your health. I've got a lot of these and am going to share a few of them with you today. I want to let you know beforehand that I don't know why most of these work in terms of actual science, however if you look them up, you can see that most of these things (even the potato...:D) are actually long-time remedies used throughout the world.

  1. Olive oil - So this isn't really a secret as it is so commonly used. Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil is awesome for dry skin in need of moisture. I wont go into detail about olive oil because information about using it topically is available all over the interwebs. But for anyone who is hearing this for the first time, do a quick search and read about its benefits.
  2. Honey - There are so many different types of honey and some have better properties than others. The great thing about honey are its antibacterial and antifungal properties. I recommend you all to read this awesome article about honey in relation to acne. The websites also busts a few myths about acne so I suggest you check it out. If you do plan to use honey to treat your acne, please read all the way through the article and do some of your own research. Some people may be allergic to certain properties in honey so use at your own risk and make an educated decision.
  3. Plain Yogurt - I'm only putting this one here because it's weird, funny, and...well, useful too I guess :D So why the yogurt? Whenever I have a burn, I put plain yogurt on it. This also applies to sunburns as well. Note to those who want to try this: if you have cats, they may eat the yogurt off of you; I speak from experience. I have no idea why this works and have never looked into it, but it does.
  4. Potatoes - Got a killer headache? Just cut a potato in thin round slices, put it in a towel/scarf/saran wrap and put the side with the potatoes directly on your head while tying the back together. I also have absolutely no idea why this works and honestly I had never looked into it, until now. Here is a website that recommends rubbing potato on the temples for a headache. According to an article by Brigitte Mars called Headache: Prevention and Cures:
    1. An Irish folk remedy for headaches is to loosely tie a bandanna around the head and then slip some slices of raw sliced potato between the head and scarf. Place the potatoes strategically where the pain is throbbing, over temples or over eyes. Lie down in a quiet room. After an hour the potato slices should be very warm and the headache relieved.
  5. Garlic and olive oil - So this is another awesome one. Whenever I have an earache, I take a metal spoon, put a bit of olive oil in it, then stick one clove of garlic in that and hold it over the stove until its nice and hot. I then remove it from the heat source and place a cotton ball in the olive oil. The cotton ball that has soaked up the garlic olive oil is then placed in my ear where it gets to working. Again, I have no clue why this works, but its something that has been passed down many generations.
For now, that's all that I have to share however as I go through my day-to-day activities, I'll try to take note of any other remedies I've gotten from my family and I will add to this list. Keep in mind that the above mentioned ingredients have many other uses as well, this is just a few of the many that exist.

Now...this is where you all come in! I'm sure that you have remedies of your own so I want to hear them! And if you've heard of any of the remedies I've mentioned, (especially the potato and the olive oil garlic) then I definitely want to hear about that too! So make sure to leave a comment :)

*Keep a lookout for my upcoming post about remedies for headaches, coughs, and general under the weather symptoms.

Until next time! :) Nare


  1. Granola, brownn sugar and honey mixed together. Its been used in my family as a type of "deep" scrub. Its painful but your skin is really smooth afterwards.

  2. That sounds lovely! I'd never heard of adding granola. I am definitely going to try this! Have you ever heard of doing it with oats? I feel like that would be another great one!